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Women’s printed sweatshirts

Does it also happen to you that when you wear a hoodie you feel calmer and more relaxed? It feels a bit like you’re at home. So that you’re comfortable but also wearing the latest fashion, at Pull&Bear we’ve created a collection of print sweatshirts for women that you won’t be able to resist.
Although this type of garment originated on the sports field, it’s been out beyond the gym doors for a long time now. The athleisure style has taken over women's print sweatshirts and crossed the street style border, where it’s already making itself at home. On top of that, they’re blended with other garments more typical of formal looks in a balanced and aesthetic combination.
Women's print sweatshirt designs feature all sorts of styles. On the one hand, some have a print repeated right across the fabric. Polka dots, stripes or the print that, without a doubt, has become the print of the season: tie-dye. Its bleached and blended colours carry us to a different era: the hippie movement that made it fashionable in the 60s. If you want to go further and you like to be daring, if you’re one of those “all or nothing” types, then the animal print sweatshirt has been designed especially for you and your wildest looks.
Combine these designs with basic garments so that your women's print hoodie is the uncontested star of the show. With black skinny fit jeans and chunky trainers you’ll create a balanced outfit, with contrasting silhouettes as a strong feature. You could also opt for a short garment like a cargo-style mini skirt or pleated skirt, all depending on the effect you’re looking for.
And besides that, print sweatshirts or sweatshirts with slogans on the chest are highly sought-after for casual looks. The most popular designs? Vintage logos, idyllic location prints or slogans, there’s something for every taste. Pick a slogan design and pair it with a loose-fitting print mini skirt. And what about your feet? Some white trainers or trainers with detailing in other colours. The oversize effect has got a special charm. For a girlier effect, choose a cropped sweatshirt worn with a denim mini skirt with visible buttons or tie-dye shorts. If you’re wanting a more urban style, go for a totally sporty look in neon colours.
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