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Culottes for women

To be a fashion victim you need to learn a lot of vocabulary to go with the new trends. This time, it’s culottes. What does that mean? What are they? How do you wear them? Don’t panic! You won’t leave here with a single question unanswered.
Even without knowing the word, we’re sure it rings a bell from the number of times you’ll have seen them around this season. This design has very specific features: they are wide-leg trousers featuring a high waist and a length between the knee and ankle. A bit like those legendary pedal pushers. After those clues, you’ve got a picture in your mind, right? Well now comes the fun part: Styling them!
If this is the year you decide to get some culottes, you won’t regret it, because they’re a super comfortable, very fashionable garment that flatters most figures. Their shape makes these trousers the perfect garment for accentuating your waist and slimming your legs, regardless of your height or your figure.
Culottes are so striking that you’ll quickly become the master of your look practically without realising. And, despite their eye-catching features, they’re much easier to style than you might first think. First of all, you need to know that you can pair them with all kinds of footwear. Do you want to wear heels? Go for it. Prefer flats? Of course. Do you feel like wearing trainers? No problem! Everything works and any combination is fine.
It might be because of this versatility that culottes have made their way through the huge door of our wardrobe, and it’s looking like it will take us a long time to let them go.
The most basic culottes are beige, with an aesthetic that calls the classic chino to mind. From there, you can find all kinds of fabrics, in both monochrome and prints. Other features vary: with darts or completely plain, with a waistband or without, with elasticated detailing and a tie belt or with a button and zip, with a paperbag finish, jeans… What doesn’t change is the high waist and cropped length.
Culottes will be your perfect ally when temperatures start to rise, because they’ll mean you can create cool, fun looks. Pick flowing trousers with a striped print in light tones. On top, wear a white crop top with an asymmetric cut and an open shoulder. For your feet, go for some platform sandals.A perfect summer outfit.
This season, culottes are the must-have for your wardrobe. Have you got yours yet? see more See less