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Women's cardigan

When we think of a versatile and practical garment, we think of a cardigan. Undoubtedly, this type of jacket is a symbol in the world of fashion, and it is probably the garment that has evolved the most over time.
That's why we can now see many different types of women's cardigans. In many shapes and colours. Long cardigans, cropped, multiway. With floral, polka dot, diamond or military prints. With or without buttons, with hood or without hood. Pull&Bear offers you a wide variety of cardigans so you can choose the ones you like and match your style.
When the Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell, led the famous Charge of the Light Brigade in which he was barely “grazed”, he returned to London, and was given a hero’s welcome. From then on, the cardigan became commercially available and the British enjoyed the garment. The cardigan is named after the 7th Earl, but its origins go back much further.
In the 17th century, it was worn by British and French fishermen who needed a garment to keep them warm during the harsh winters at sea. In 1865, on the other hand, the favourite garment of the Harvard University baseball team was the cardigan. Eventually, during the Roaring Twenties, the fashion designer Coco Chanel began to popularise cardigans again. A decade later, women’s cardigans became very popular on American golf courses.
You may ask, what material was a cardigan made of back then? It was characterised by being a very tough and hard-wearing garment, so it was made of wool. The cardigan was made in one piece and was mainly fastened with buttons, although some had zips. The buttons closed the jacket, some fastened halfway and others to the end of the cardigan, all of which changed depending on the style you wanted to wear.
Surely the question you keep asking yourself is how do I wear a cardigan? Well, you should know that the cardigan is a “must have”, as it is a very comfortable garment and you can wear it for any occasion. Although they were originally made of wool, they can now be found in many fabrics, shapes and colours. At Pull&Bear you’ll find everything from cropped wool cardigans to crochet jackets.
The cardigan has always been used to protect you from the cold, but now you can wear it with shorts. Crochet and cropped cardigans are ideal for these looks, as they are short jackets, (some with short sleeves), with a very fine and open knit fabric, so that you can also enjoy this garment in the summer months.
It is very important that a cardigan fits your body correctly. They usually come in various lengths, longer or shorter, but the important thing is that when you wear this garment you can make it stand out from the rest. For example, you can wear a basic T-shirt underneath the jacket, and this way your star garment will stand out much more. On the other hand, the sleeves are very important, because if they are too tight on your arms, maybe you should wear this garment without a T-shirt, so you can fasten it with the buttons or with the zip. However, if the sleeves are loose-fitting, you can wear T-shirts or even dresses or with high-waisted skinny jeans for a more casual look. Of course, let’s not forget the fur jackets with a V-neck for a naive style with a Parisian touch.
And what about the total look? Those outfits where we decide to go for a colour and fabric that allow us to be comfortable and daring at the same time, because who said that total looks are boring and simple? The cardigan is one of the most popular garments for creating your own “total look”. At Pull&Bear we offer you cardigans in pastel colours so you can create your own outfit. For example, a short ribbed jacket with long sleeves and an open collar is perfect for you to wear with cycling-style leggings. Or if you prefer, you can wear a cropped jacket with long sleeves and buttons to combine it with a basic pencil skirt.
With a cardigan you'll feel like you belong to many decades, but you don't stop in any one of them, because no matter how many years go by, with this garment you'll always be a trend-setter. The ‘90s are on your side, because you can feel like Sandy in Grease or like Cher in Clueless, with her fabulous plaid skirts which will take you back to high school.
Either way, combine this jacket however you prefer and choose your favourite women’s cardigans from the variety available at Pull&Bear. see more See less