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Men’s skinny jeans

Men’s skinny jeans have been on trend for years. And they’ve always had to compete with both and ripped jeans. What are their features? Who do they flatter the most?
Skinny jeans are very tight jeans that are very fitted all the way down to the ankles. They’re also known as “drainpipes” or “pencil” jeans, which is one reason why they don’t fit all body types. They're ideal for men with a slim, svelte figure. They’re perfect for well-proportioned bodies that are neither extremely skinny, nor too muscular, nor with a few pounds too many. If your legs and ankles are a little thick or you’re a bit too wide at the hip, for example, then skinny jeans are not for you.
The best way to put together an outfit with a pair ofmen’s skinny jeans is to wear them with tops that aren’t too tight. This way, you get a balanced look that’s both stylish and elegant. Wide T-shirts , loose-fitting shirts layered with another star garment from recent years, the sweatshirt .
How can you tell whether skinny jeans work for you? The best way to know is by trying on both this model and others in front of a mirror. Which one is the most flattering? Which one makes you look slimmer?
What if you feel like wearing some skinnies even though they’re not the most flattering model on you? Choose them in dark colours; never go for white or a light denim colour, nor faded or ripped.
What about the current trend of showing ankles when wearing skinny jeans? If you want to show your ankles with skinny jeans, try not to take it too far: roll them up just a little if you don’t want the overall effect to shorten your figure.
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